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You hear jingle bells.  It must be Santa!  You smile a wide smile and see that it is not.  A beautiful woman with a crown on her head stops by your side.  "Well, hello young child.  Why, aren't you Lucy?"  You nod.  "Well, get up here, my child.  You look cold."  She wraps her fur coat around you.  She pulls soumething out of a sack and places it on the ground.  she then taps it with her scepter.  It's a goblet full of hot cocoa!  You smile and thank her.  She grins.  You take the goblet and drink from it.  The warm chocolate fills your body and suddenly you feel warm throughout.  "Are you hungry?" the woman asks.  "Sure I am. I haven't eaten...since...I haven't eaten during this whole story!"  Hey, you're right.  I'm hungry too.  Hey...Stake!  Take over for me will you hun?  Thanks.  I'm going for a sandwich...  The woman places something on the ground and taps it as well.  It transforms into a box of chocolates!  Suddenly, you don't trust this woman.  Nothing is perfect like this.  What is good is evil and what is evil is good.  She smiles, "Go on, Lucy.  Eat, drink, and be dead....uh...merry."  Your eyes widen.  Maybe it was just a Freudian slip, you tell yourself.  But I didn't know Freud wore slips.  Was he a cross dresser?  You wonder what to do.

By:  Queen Vera & Stake

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