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You feel yourself being sucked into reality.  The newlyweds turn the corner and go on their way.  It wasn't them that this creature had been stalking--it was you!

Pain!  You feel your shoulder being ripped open.  You are human!  But this thing is attacking you--there's no time to wonder about it.

You look into it's eyes.  Surprisingly the thing you sensed that seemed so horrible and hateful wears the form of a beautiful young man.  He has black wavy hair and his eyes--they are this pale sickly ice blue that mesmerize and terrify you.  He is slashing at you with a crooked dagger.  The wicked-looking thing has an obsidian stone embedded in the handle and seems to be emitting some strange, life draining power.

The man slashes at you again, aiming for your heart.

By:  Porphyra

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