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you see the man coming at you and you try to grab his wrist to stop him form coming at you so you can put your feet under him and flip him over and maybe he would loose conscienceness and you could leave. But instead you end up grabing his shoulder and you rip it off his arm and he looks down on you with a terrible sense of wonder that you could do that " why did you try to kill me?" you ask the man who is now standing over you dripping blood on your clean clothes. His blood turn green on your brown shirt. In horror you watch it as it trickles off you and forms a puddle next to you. The man who was talking about his childhood suddenly stoped and watched it
as well, "I have never seen it do that!" he says. Somehow you believe him and a baby starts crying beside you. you pick it up and it grabs your fnger and starts shaking your arm up and down. "awfully strong for a baby!" you snap at the guy, Who is more astonished then you are that a baby formed from his blood, you are holding it, and that it is so strong. He starts to cry and walks away. "HEY YOU!!! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?? THIS IS YOUR BABY!!!!!" But he keeps walking and leaves you sitting there with his baby and his arm lying beside you. So now what? you think.....

By: Diniecita

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