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You ask "What am I..."  you are cut off by a strange feeling and then suddenly everything around you becomes chaotic again.  Everything is blurred but there is something different this time.  A vast expanse of a thick black firey liquid is consuming the stronghold.  "What's going on?"  you ask, "Am I doing this?"

"No," she says, "the Delvu has found us."

"What should we do?"  she holds out her hand point her finger and makes a jabbing motion.  A ripple in the air is formed by her motion and then it opens into what appears to be a hole in mid-air, "This is the way out you must leave,"  she says.

"But what about you?" you ask.

"I have to get as many of my people as I can out of here."  she says.  "Don't worry about me I have no intention of staying here to be devoured by that.  Now go!"

By: Linx

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