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You jump through the black hole.  What a strange experience as your body is breaking up at a molecular level and begins to stream towards a single point some distance in front of you.  This continues for a few eternal moments and then a blanket of white light engulfs you and then you awaken.

You're at a new strange place just inside the gates of a vast city of many tall spiral shaped skyscrapers.  You look around and notice many people going about their daily routines, but one particular group stands out.  Ten people walking in a prison formation all wearing white button up shirts and pants of the same color. On the back of their shirts were what appeared to be bar codes.  There was a strange device protruding from their belly buttons and they were being led by a creature whose body was very dark green color.  It didn't have a face, at least not one you could make out, but the front of its head appeared hard and shiny.  It had no clothes on but it had an exoskeleton and the body of a human.  I guess you could call it a huminsect.  You notice one of the prisoners, pink haired, very pale skinned, is it a man or a woman you don't know.  But anyway, you notice that prisoner seems quite exhausted and falls out of the line.  Quickly the huminsect turns towards him/her.  The creatures green fae becomes very flourescent and even begins to glow.  The prisoner begins a spasm and starts screaming at a mind piercing volume.  What do you do?

By:  Linx

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