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Kylow's Poetry

Everyone Come
Home Brew

Together we all combined as one like a soul of a new born, A chi or Great Energy.  We were different from the start. We knew we were different and we loved it. We all grew up to be each other family especially mine own.  Woody was like a wise father I wish I had that watch out for me in chase of any type of substance abuse. Rachel like a sweet caring mother I wish and dreamed I could only have thoughtful, caring all the way to the bottom of her heart.  Seth like the protecting uncle who was there if and when I needed him.  Dre another uncle full of wisdom, spiritual, full of positive energy. Matt the freind of the families but real close at heart, comical, stress relieving, all around bald head of fun as well. Bill the other other uncle well hard at work with girls and music. Jon the son of Andréa my cousin who I seldom talked to and vice versa. Tyler my brother who Woody look out for as well as long as he stayed for.  My brother, best freind, my true smoking buddy "my brother." Lately it seems like everyone went their own ways.  Bill moved back wo W.V. Tyler moved to Tampa. Matt left... Seth... Woody has Rachel, Dre has Jon, That doesn't leave nobody for me!

The energy for the Home Brew is dying.  The chi energy is fading just like everyone else around. There's two choices that I have.  Do the same as Seth, Bill, Matt, Dre, Jon--find different people to hang with, talk to, do things with, basically play with. Yeah well guess what I'm just going to stick it out around here even if I have to be alone and hope that Seth, Jon, Dre, Matt, Bill and Tyler will come Home to the Brew!