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  My emptiness consumes me like an engulfing fire.
  The washing tides of time pass me by.
  Hatred controls my life and everything I do; spinning down an
  endless spiral of rage.
  Fire that burns within my eyes, take me to a world that's so
  unfamilar and let me purge for my unclean sins that eat away
  at my flesh and bones.
  River of blood, wash my unclean body away from the black
  roses of death.
  Drown my bones so that I don't have to face life again.
  The veins with in my whole body pulse with the compultion to
  kill, beating harder and harder, driving me to the point of
  Oceans of wild raging water drown me as I try to keep my
  head above the water. Trying to fight the current, fighting for
  my life.

First Bite

  You give out a low moan as my lips caress your cheek. The
  stuble of your unshaven face brings an unusually wonderful
  sensation to my blood red lips. As you kiss me gently on the
  chin, your mouth slowly brushes across my neck. I run my
  fingers through your long, dark brown hair. As I do, you suck
  softly at my neck, kissing it ever so often. In just a few
  minutes the car windows steam up in your red car. Just as you
  are going to sneer your lips to reveal your razor sharp fangs I
  sense something and draw back quickly from your tightening
  grasp. "Please don't" I pleaded with tears streaming down my
  face. "Don't you want to live forever?" you asked me. I knew
  what the right answer was and I knew what the right choice
  was, but I was unable to speak. "Come, live with me, be
  Immortal and live as we live, only feeding on the strong and
  healthy. Live forever." I heard you say, but the words fazed
  me, so mixed up and confusing. "O.K." I said as you brushed
  the tears from my burning hot face. Surprisingly, the
  blackness of your cape encased the two of us, as you sunk
  your razor sharp teeth into my pure white neck taking away
  everything that I never knew. Oh, know! What have I done? I
  thought as a warm, red, thick liquid came dripping down my
  arm, I knew that I would never be free

"Prince of Dark Places"

Many lucid nights of dreaming lead me
back to the vistion of you.
With your transparant white silky skin.
The most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.
In all my tears, and many that were soon to be, had I ever seen a creature of such
dark beauty.
My Prince of dark places
darkness without fear
only warm embraces
as I held you near
My hero of the night, you rescuded me from the light.
I walk into your presance with no fear,
close to my heart I will forever hold you near.
Your long, sharp ebony nails draw the blood from my veins.
My Prince of dark places
darkness is your domain.
You are a creature of chameleon-like faces,
as you sip your glass of crimson champagne.
You lurk within your own dark shadows
Frightened by the bright light of the living day
Your lanky, tall body swaying along with the clarivoyant wind.
With rave black hair even your clear presance is a mystery
that I revl in like a forgotten god.
My prince of dark places
darkensss is your name,
you recede from the light with out any traces,
light is your only true bane.

"Shadows on the Wall"

Frigid icy hands do steal.
Love's compassionate touch does feel
Dreams shattered from an empy half-full wine glass.
A dream someone has dreampt before
maybe it is a lucid dream that we all seek for
Are the hands of fate lurking after you?
or is it that you want to drink from the glass of immortality too?

The Effects of Alcohol on the Teenage Mind

I stumble into the room,
The lights are too bright, they're blinding
Turn the computer on-
Reaching blindly for the ON button.
A throbbing dizzyness at my temples
That always calls for the slow,
Mind-numbing degeneration of alcohol

One drink-just one to ease the pain again!
A solitary voice echoes through my head.
Soft thoughts drift by, amost as if they're swimming.
Maybe they are swimming and
I am the one drowning in the fish bowl.
Who cares? I certainly didn't when I took the last drink.

A bitterly sour taste washes out the veins
With fermentaion-

Scattered papers carpet the floor,
Scratched upon thier surfaces are poems soaked with
tear-stained emotion.
Reminders of those broken promises, to myself, to everyone
An inconvience to those who may have cared.
Numbly driven temptation calls again,
And I know that I must answer it,
For I am just another victim of under aged drinking.