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Favorite Episode: 212, the saga starting with 28 (haven't read them all yet, though!)

Age: 19

Location: Iowa

Appearance: I'm 5'2", with shoulder-length bark-brown hair that hangs in loose curls; I have hazel eyes and an old fashioned figure. My fashion sense lies somewhere between that of a 1930s starlet and a 1980s new romantic: it is what people first notice about me.

About Me: A misplaced dilettante? A dishevelled philosopher? A figment of my own imagination? Definitely a culture hound, and a lover of life in all its various mainfestations. A born existentialist, but a lover of people and of personalities. A naive dreamer convinced she's living a fairy tale. A princess-artist-cowgirl-cosmonaut-new wave-thinker-visionary. When I've decided that I do, in fact, exist, I enjoy horseback riding, all kinds of music, children, computers, drawing, writing, reading, piano, poetry, philosophy, science, fashion, daydreaming, and pistachio ice cream. I drive a 1956 Oldsmobile Holiday Super 8 Rocket hardtop in two-tone cream and terra cotta. My favorite artists are Maxfield Parish and Adolph Gottlieb. My favorite colors are black and maroon.

Comments: This is perhaps the most creative and well-written interactive fiction site I've come across thus far!