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The Plum

News Flash!!!! 2-26-02 See bottom of screen !!!! ;)
No, it's not a fruit. It's a story. It has nothing to do with plums. No, there is no logical reason to call it the plum. Except, well, but that's another story. But, oh well, does it really matter? What is a name anyway? It's neither hand nor foot nor any other part of a man...

Yes, it's a story. A medium for creative expression. But it's not a normal, page to page story. It's one of those pick-your-own-fate stories. The kind where "you" are the main character and you choose from a list of choices what you wish to do. It's interactive. And it's not complete. It's far from being done!!! In fact, it probably never will be completed. It's ever-expanding. And you can help.

So read and enjoy. The choices listed that aren't already links probably haven't been written yet!!! So, if you want to add your own creativity to the plum, PLEASE DO!!! Write an episode and e-mail it to, or, just fill out our easy episode form! State what episode number it came from and what choice you took. Also if you want to give us your name and email (optional) we will give you credit. (Tell us if you want to post your e-mail address or not). Okay? So, what are you waiting for,



Not So New but Still Relavant: I just changed the ad style of the ads on the Plum. Now, instead of the annoying (in my opinion) pop-up ads, there is simply an embedded ad on every single page. (Whew! That's alot. I bet Tripod's advertisers are happy.) But maybe you find that even more annoying....I don't know! So...tell me! In my quizlet below, you can tell me what you want me to do with the ads on the Plum. Please everybody who wants to vote, and please vote only once. If you don't care, don't vote. Here it is:

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News Flash!!!

2-26-02:  Yes, I am still here. =^..^=  Yes, the Plum is still running.  So eat it already! :)  We have had two recent submissions episodes 240 and 241 .  (241's by a new it so they feel loved!) I'm going to start writing a bunch and maybe that will get things moving.  Sign up for the Plum newsletter (by Eating the Plum and checking the box or emailing and asking) if you want more regular updates.
~Kitty Brew =^..^=

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