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You start to walk towards the stream and you fall face down into the pool.  The water is warm and clear but quite unpleasant when rushing up your nose.  You sit up, coughing.  This gravity is hard to adjust to!  You get up slowly and take another light, bouncing step.  Carefully you make your way around the perimiter of the pool until you reach the stream.  The water gurgles through its own special passageway.  You look down the stream and see, further down, a foot bridge made of a single piece of warped wood.  Who made it?  This place must be populated  somehow!  Further down, the stream bends out of view, hidden by the thick forest.  what else hides in these woods  A log comes churning out of the pool ready to shoot down the stream.  Hey!  You're already wet!  Why don't you...

By:  tyrsia

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