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You decide to get inside and check out some fish. You don't have to look far before you see a dark door leading into a large brown building. There are fish painted all over the building and the smell of salt and sea life fills the air. You head that way as some very gaudy tourists exit laughing. As you head in, your eyes slowly adjust to the fluorescent lighting that seems to glow. You get the sense of almost being under water. The air is very humid and warm. The muffled sound of bubbles almost drowns out the noise all the people who fill up this building make.

There are fish of every type everywhere you turn. They are all set with a backdrop of some exotic under sea world. You come across some that seem to just be swimming in one place as if they were all watching something. Other fish seem to explore every inch of their tank. There are other creatures besides fish.

By: Dr CJ
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