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As you look around the zoo you are struck by the sudden urge to explore the animals. Of course the only animal you would want to see is a lion or tiger or a bear or something. You begin to wander around and the people you see are taking pictures of all sorts of small cute animals. But you don't want to waste your time. You look for anything that seems violent. As you wander more and more, the sun begins to leech the sweat from your body. Your clothes are getting wet from perspiration and your mouth is getting dry. You could really go for some shade and water. You then see it, one of the meanest, scariest, and biggest creatures anybody ever knew, a rhinoceros. You walk over and realize it is standing near a tree that also hangs over the large stonewall. You lean against the wall enjoying the shade; staring long and hard at the large gray leathery beast. He was really dusty and his tail was switching around at various fleas. There were dozens of insects swarming around his back.

By: Dr CJ

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