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You decide to see if you can pry any further information out of this other entity. You are decidedly curious about this new existence, not to mention who else might be existing here with you.

"Wait...wait," you try to soothe the other entity with your mindvoice, still marvelling at how you can still communicate without a body. "I just got here. Who are 'they'? Are there others here with us? What is this place?"

There is a moment of silence and you imagine the other entity considering your questions and identity. As you wait, you feel a warm shifting in the void, as if a someone has dropped a pebble into its surface, sending ripples of movement through your non-body. "What was that?!" you asked, not sure whether to be pleased or alarmed.

"They are coming." there is a note of sadness in the Other's voice. "I am going to run. Are you with me?"

By:  Amber

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