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Concentrating so hard that the thought would almost cause your brain to explode in agony (that is, if you had one)-you reach out from the void into to the woman, hoping that somehow she can hear you.

"Oh, look at that pretty kitty-such nice soft furr. Wouldn't it be fun to lock the kitty up? Like a bird..." you mentally reach into her mind-becoming her conscious-becoming her. What a sense of power! Sweet, Sweet Control...
Suddenly, the girl turns toward the cat, her sweet smile now turned sinister and evil. The cat, crouched and ears back as if it knew it were about to endure an undeserved punishment, purrs innocently as the girl bends down to pick it up. She pets the cat a few times before reaching for the latch to a large metal cage that you just now notice hanging from a long and heavy chain from the ceiling. The elaborate cage is made of a dark green metal polished to a high shine. The bars are thick and seemingly unbreakable. Placing the cat on the airated metal floor of the cage, the girl slams the door shut and places an unusually shaped lock, almost in the shape of an egg, around the latch.
"Hey, do you mind getting me out of here, you know that I'm quite afraid of heights." You, the girl, turns around to face the cage, surprised to see the cat speaking. Somehow you feel that this isn't an unusual occurence in this place. Do decide to:

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