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You blink, trying to clear your vision. The warm feeling doesn't fade and you sense your blood pounding in your ears. You can almost hear your own heartbeat. The light shifts a little and a man with a mask is standing over you. He looks a bit blurry, but you recognize him as a doctor. Then another face, a woman, two women are also looking over you. You feel numb and then something clear is lifted from your face, an oxygen mask of some sort. You feel your lungs expand and you start to cough. Suddenly you can feel your toes and you realize they are cold, VERY cold. You still have a little trouble breathing and you don't feel you are in complete control of your body, but your senses are slowly returning. A hospital, you are in a hospital. There was a crash and everything went blank and now you are waking up. But where were you going? Where were you to start with? You try to move your hand to hold your head. What is happening?

By: Dr CJ
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