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As you think about the scene and the room it occurs to you that you were in an old stone keep. A castle maybe, and it had a small village nearby. Why you knew this is hard to say. The image of the outside of the castle seems very specific, as if you had seen it everyday. You begin to wonder how you would know such a thing. The face of an old man comes almost strikingly up to your minds eye. He was a friend, or the father of a friend. He warned you about something and you can’t remember what he warned you about.

Suddenly you are on a horse and you are riding very quickly. You don’t feel there is any place to go, just that you love to ride fast. The horse you are on seems disturbed by the saddle. This horse is not use to being ridden. As you command your mount you can feel the tension, but as long as you are moving you feel fine. You feel better then fine. It is like a drug, you have to go faster and higher. You leap over a log sticking part way out of the ground. You see a fence and know to whom it belongs to despite not knowing any actual names. As you approach the fence the horse began to pull off to the side. You force the horse onward, confident you make him jump.

You are lying and the ground. You can just make out the sounds of the horse neighing and prancing about. Your eye catches a piece of the fence you once saw whole in front of you now broken beneath you. You can’t move. You know you should be in pain, but you don’t hurt. You try to stand but nothing seems to work. As you glance around you notice another piece of the fence poking up where your leg should be. Are you dead? Are you dying? You can’t take a breath to even scream, but then you don’t feel like breathing either.

By: Dr CJ

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