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You strain and strain, and start to form into a seven armed beast with coarse brown hair and fiery red eyes.

But something happens and you start to change again. Your head elongates, your back hunches up, and your hands become legs. (Though how you had a head and legs as a giant potato, even the Plum webkitty doesn't know).

You have the sense now that you are some sort of purple dog with a tail made of clouds. You curse, and stomp your paws. You wanted to be fearsome, not cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You walk around and have a overwheming desire to chase your cloud tail. It just sits there, so smug and fluffy. You'll show it!

By:  Rebekah

Spellchecked, formatted and sarcasm inserted by Kitty Brew. Sorry to pick on you Rebekah, but it's just one of those days

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