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You have chosen the path of evil. Woe to you, foul spirit! This path shall lead to the pain and suffering of many, until you shall be vanquished from this earth by the forces of good.

You look upon the sleeping forms of the ladies with revulsion. Yes, sunlight! Come and devour their flesh! The sunlight creeps into the room, closer and closer to their corpse-like bodies. Suddenly you hear a cry behind you. It is the slayer!

"Show yourself foul spirit," a young blonde girl dressed in leather pants and a tank top shouts at you.

Even if you should want to show yourself to this girl, you haven't the knowlege to do so. You remain where you are and she walks closer and closer to you.

She passes directly through you and leaps into the window. "Vampires!" she whines, "I thought I was looking for less common foulness."

Suddenly the elder woman awakens, baring her fangs and roaring at the light of the sun. She thrusts Cecelia behind her and retreats towards the far wall, prepared to battle the slayer.

"Won't you guys ever just go extinct?" the girl whines, brandishing a stake.

The elder woman places her cupped hands in front of her and begins to chant. "Mira kaytona beloshita, by the power of Hecate i invoke you, nameless spirit. Make yourself known!" A luminous ball rises from her hand and comes towards you. You feel yourself shrinking and gaining material size. Suddenly you are a foul demon, complete with horns, green skin, and oozing slime. And you have horrible BO! "There's your demon, Buffy." the vampire says.

Buffy whirls around to face you. Despite her fragile apperance, you fear that you do not stand a chance against the slayer. What do you do?

By: Antigone Inabinet

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