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You've followed the voice for this long so you decide to go all the way.  Besides, you're getting pretty curious!  So, you put your hand on the wall and feel your way down the corridor.  Soon you are engulfed in darkness.  If it weren't for your hand touching the cold stone, you would be totally lost.  You keep going--one hesitant step after another.  You feel like you've been walking forever when the wall ends, and you are groping for something to hold onto!

You hear the voice again, only this time it seems to be talking to itself!  "This will make a fine physical body.  He is agile and fit, has a good number of skills, and most of all he has the Knack!"  You are beginning to get scared.

"Now," the voice directs you, "You must do precisely what I tell you.  Take three paces forwards..."

You feel a slight breeze on your face, pushing you backwards.  A vision of a hundred prisoners flashes across the back of your brain.  You fingers begin to tingle, and the voice is urging you forward.

By:  Pandora

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