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You are beaten. The voice has powers far greater than yours, apparently. Maybe if you obey it you will get your voice back. You slowly take one, two, three steps forward.

Nothing happens.

"Now what?" you ask the voice. Hey! Your voice has come back already! That was easy!

"Shh," the voice answers, "I'm thinking."

You wait a moment. Still no answer. "Hello?" you ask.

"Hang on a sec!"

You wait a few minutes more. "Uh, if you don't want me to do anything, I could just leave..."

"No!" the voice interrupts. "I know I wanted you to take those three steps for a very specific reason! I've just...I've just..." The voice seems to be embarassed.

"You've forgotten?" you venture.

"Yes!" the voice says in exasperation, "I've forgotten what I wanted you to do. It was something very important, though! Don't you dare move or I'll do something else bad to you. Just...let me think."

By: Kitty Brew

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