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You know there's something you're supposed to do when your voice gets taken away, but you can't quite remember what. They taught it to you in kindergarten....was it run away real fast? No, that was what you did in case your pants caught fire. Hide under the desk? No that when you played jail during recess. Then you remember...stop, drop and roll!

So, you proceed to stop. Well, you're already stopped so you can skip that step. Next, you drop to the floor. Since it's completely dark, this makes you a bit nervous, so you just kind of kneel down and then lay down. Then, you start to roll.

"I said three steps, not crawling! What are you doing? Stop that!" the voice barks at you.

You continue to roll, until you hit a wall. Then you switch directions and roll the other direction. You feel a tingling in your throat as your voice starts to come back. You hit another wall and start to roll back towards where you stood in the first place. Finally, your voice feels intact.

You stand up and shout at the voice. "Ha! You can't overcome me!"

But then you feel a funny numbness all over your legs. No, wait, you can't feel your legs at all!

"I'll teach you to listen to me. Now you can never take steps again! All you can do is roll!" The voice sounds pleased with itself.

You feel your torso hit the ground. Huh? You move your hands down to where your legs used to be. They're gone! Just cold floor! You are a legless person now! What do you do?

By: Kitty Brew

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