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"Well," you say to clay, "Let's first get one thing straight. I am NOT Barbie! I am, da da da da! BATMAN! Quickly Robin, to the bat-cave!" Now you are seriously wondering whats wrong with you. Inside you know that you are neither Barbie nor Batman but all that comes out of your mouth is the voice of those characters only!

Clay too is very confused, but because he doesn't want to corrupt your mental health, so he plays along.

"Alright Batman, we will stop the evil villians!" Under his voice he mutters, "What or where ever they may be." You pretend you didn't just hear him say that.

Against you own will, black, shining, spandex covered legs, which appear to be yours lift off the ground and you are flying. Clay, or Robin, too, is flying with you somehow and you are no longer in the strange world with the beautiful purple tree. You are now in...

By: M&M

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