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You soar up through the air. As you approach the dome, you descend down, into the courtyard in front of the giant structure. You walk through bearded men in robes and tall black hats. Some seem to be praying, while others walk silently. They do not seem to be surprised by your coming. You walk up the stone steps to the vestibule and enter the cathedral. Inside, it is dark, with tiny candle flames lighting the icon decorated gold walls. Far up above you make out the forms of saints beaming down from ancient mosaics. Reverently, you go to the altar, passing rows of oak pews with mystical symbols etched in their sides. After venerating the icons on the altar you sit down in one of the pews.

Hours later, you look up from your meditation, by the ringing of several giant bells from the courtyard. People in ancient robes, some red, some white, some brown, enter in.

By:  rakovsky

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