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As you pass through the door, a wave of dizziness overwhelms you. The light is so bright that it pains you to keep your eyes open. Then, it passes... as quickly as the sensations came, they departed. You look over to see if the woman is still beside you, but there's a problem... there IS someone next to you, but it's a young girl, about 12 years old. Her long brown hair, that sweet smell of perfume... and those EYES!!! It's her! But what has happened? Why is she 12? Then she speaks... "Tarin, wait.... I'm sure kitty will come back home from the tunnels by it self... don't go!" But you can't control yourself you chase down the dark & damp stairs, dragging the girl with you. You finally reach the end of the stairs and... it's that door... the large 10 foot wooden door you had just entered. Then it dawns on you... this is what the woman had described to you... this girl is her. It's the day her brother disappeared. But these aren't hallucinations... these images aren't your imagination these are YOUR You remember entering the door a child, and winking to her... saying you'll be right back... then your next memory is of your home... your home in your previous life, the one that just ended... When you entered the door, it mush have sent you to another world, a world where you have been living for the last 25 years! Then... dieing in that world must have allowed you to return home, to the REAL world. The memory flash ends, and you find yourself waking up, lying down on the ground outside of another similar door... with your sister shaking you. You immediately hug her... it's a hug of pure joy, one composed of absolute love. You explain what has happened and tell her who you are, Tarin her brother. Then she stared deeply into your eyes and says, "I know, you have thesame beautiful blue eyes..."

You exit the other end of the old war tunnels and find the hidden path that leads to your den & follow it. Once safely locked in your secret den, you find your self faced with a decision, do you...

By:  Drill Sergeant

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