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You are the woman standing by the turrets in the light of three full moons.  You're thinking this would normally be a great night--clear skies, 3 beautiful pendants walking through the heavens Their jealousy apparantly radiates blacking the light of every star trying to come in.  But how can you enjoy anything right now your best friend has been killed and you barely escaped alive.  With the knowledge you now posses Shal'Kari has certainly put a Death Mark on you.  Shal'Kari, how can you do this you have served my father for years earned his trust, respect, and friendship mine too.  Now you have become twisted hungry only for power and  now you have enough weapons and support to possibly overpower Cullina defense force and overthrow the government.  Suddenly you hear something behind you.  Wait a minute!  Where's my cat?  You see a shadow sillhouette moving down the hall.  Oh no, you're not alone!

By:  Nexis

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