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Here you are It's 34:67  Zurlog time and The kings workers are coming into your  pub after a hard days work in The castle that over looks Grubtown village.  "Hey Bartender! a round of  PuneJabie Ale for everyone!"

"What's the occasion?"you ask as you start to towards the giant barrel of Punjabie Ale.

"His majesty the King Is having a festival to celebrate the birth of prince  Kirosaki. The whole town is going to be off it will be a Village holiday. And there's gonna be a competion to see who will become the princes body guard"

"You planning to enter?" you ask.

"I'm planing to win" he says with a sneer.

"Oh really how do you plan to do that?"

"the competition consist of  three parts. First you have to battle your way through the gantlet. Then bring back the tail of a Simba Dragon and finally a battle with all who are left? and see I went to Fumperknockle the Wizard and he gave me this" he holds out  blue illuminated pellet "it's a potion that will make me invinsible so even if I'm not the fastest or the best I'll be able to live longer than the rest. Great ain't it" he says as he slaps the bar which causes one of the mugs on the bar fall over into an unexpecting  hooded man's lap.

The man looks at the over zealous worker and said "hoof noot ackt vebully wompem wompem hookie hookie (translated look what you did stupid horse monkey I will make you into a butterfly)" by the look on his face he was none too happy nor was he from around here.

He suddenly brought out, from under his cloak,  two sicles and decapitated the man. As he fell the whole place broke out into a frenzy.  You climb  over the  bar to the corpse and recover the pill. You crawl behind the bar and wait it out. When it's all over and you look up and see your decimated bar. What do you do?

By:  The Great Dweezildeeny

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