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You take a big bite of the juicy apple and suddenly you see bright flashes of color coming from all over!  Your world goes dark, and your memory gets wiped.  Then, you wake up, and look about yourself.

You are in a round white room. It is pretty small, and has no openings or furnishings that you can see except a round red button on the top of the cieling. And that's the problem, it's just beyond your reach. You have no idea who you are or how you got here or anything about yourself. All you know is this grinding hunger in your stomach and this driving urge to reach that button and the few hour-day-years you've been here, hovering on eternity, knowing only nothingness. You don't rememner ever sleeping--your life is like a waking dream. You could have been here only a few minutes but it's all you remember and all you know. You stare up once more at the red button, curiosity burning you like a nightmare.

By:  tyrsia

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