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"Life," comes Cecilia's timid request. "I want to live with Andrew forever like it was before."

Harsh bleeding laughter razors through darkness. "Life is not an option. Already you are dying. I had to kill you to save you. Death or undeath is the only choice." Soft touch smooths harsh words. Cecelia feels love from this creature. Cecilia relaxes in stranger's arms. Not a bit like Andrew. Stranger will not protect her. Stranger will teach her, make her protect herself. A different kind of love. But Cecelia wants to melt. Cecilia wants to live and she wants to live safely. She wants that turret and drawbridge safety life. She wants to live for free in Andrew's shadow. She fears this darkness--this unknown. Razor words force a decision. "Decide now! The sun rises in an hour."

Cecelia decides on...

By: Verdantelyah

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