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You cannot simply keep eating, as delicious as the food is.  You must help your mistress.  You silently pad down the hallway and soon see the disturbance.  A man with a knife is about to kill her--your beautiful person!  Your senses tell you he is going to kill that's why he gave you tuna!

"Jump," you send the message to her, just in time, and hurry back down the hallway to meet the princess outside.

Once outside, you scan the area for her.  She is no where in sight, but your senses tell you she is hiding in the nearby forest.  You mentally connect with her.  "Don't worry, Simon," she assures you, "I am safe.  You have to follow that man and find out more about him!"

Even though she says she's safe, your protective instincts urge you to stay near her.  On the other hand, she wants you to follow the man.

By:  Kitty Brew

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