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Still rather unsettled for being up rooted from a life you can't remember and stuck in a place you don't know you continue looking out the window whistling in the tune of Helter Skelter you see things moving around. They Jump from here to there and back, but you can't make out what they are they are moving to fast. You concentrate harder and harder trying to focus. You focus more and you feel like you are the jumping objects. Suddenly the window disappears. Well, rather you are hopping around outside. You actually became the hopping creature. Wow you think. I don't know where I am who I am or what I am but all I want to do is hop. Hop hop hop that becomes your soul purpose of life to hop. You can't explain it you just have an uncontrollable urge to hop. You hear the omniscient voice again "See If you listen to me you wouldn't get in this trouble" you.....

By: The Great Dweezildeeny

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