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You decide to ponder soemthing else.  Hmm...  Well, the meaning of life has been so over-pondered, so that just wouldn't do.  On the other hand, you do want to ponder something meaningful.  The logical choice would be to ponder your situation, but you don't feel like being logical, and anyway, what's the point?  London Bridge?  no.  Spoo?  no, what's that anyway?  Nothing? no no if you were going to ponder nothing you wouldn't have chosen to ponder in the first place.  Everything?  No, just too broad.  Suddenly you've got it--the perfect thing to ponder!!!  HOW TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!  Yes, Pinky, this is it!  The solution to your boredom!  But wait...there's no world to take over!!!  So what do you do?

By:  Crazy Daisy

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