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You barely had time to blink and suddenly you find yourself in a hallway lit by a series of torches.  You are disoriented for a moment and then you remember you have a mission to accomplish.  You are Shal'Kari's most trusted operatives.  You feel very light vibrations in the floor an untrained person wouldn't notice.  It's only the cat--it never leaves her side, how annoying.  So you reach into your pocket and pull out some fresh fish meat, and set it on the floor.  The cat walks over to this delightful scent and doesn't hesitate to indulge itself.  You pet it on the head, and make your way down the hall.

You come to a room.  You peek inside and see the woman standing there, her silhouette standing in the light of three moons.  You look into her emerald eyes which are the armed guards protecting her secret sad loneliness buried much deeper inside.

You question yourself.  'Well even if I don't kill her Shal'Kari would probably send some one else to do so, he'd also most surely have me killed as well.

What should you do?

By:  Nexis

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