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"What?!?" you think, "I'm not letting ANYBODY else in my body!"  You run as fast as you can.  You run into a wall.  Your nose really hurts now, and the voice is laughing at you.

The laughing grows louder and louder, resounding in the dark place you're in, and resounding through your head.  The voice speaks again, only it sounds like its right in your ear, "It's too late now!  I'm already inside you!"

A high-pitched squeal starts inside your brain.  It gets louder and louder until you can't think, can't feel, can't move.  You fall to the ground in pain, clutching your head.  "Stop, stop, stop," you moan.  Then you slip into blissful unconscioussness.

When you wake up...

By:  Crazy Daisy

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