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You ponder on and on with no real thing to ponder upon. So you decide to ponder your current situation. "OK," you say "what am I doing? Why am I doing it? What should I be doing and Why? And why did the Chicken Really cross the road cause it's to risky just to get to the other side?"

You decide that all you are doing is wasting time and you are doing this because you have nothing better to do. You figure that the mystery of Chickens crossing the road would take too much thought for your feeble mind, and so you concentrate on your final question what should you be doing? You should stop procrastinating and create a body. But why Create a body when you have existence at hand why not be a non-bodied being somewhat like an amoeba. Or you could create a new design of a body not known to any race of beings. Or maybe even become one of the Knights who say NI! What to choose?

By: The Great Dweezildeeny

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