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You float towards the open window, but discover that without a physical body you have no way of closing the window. concentrate very strongly on creating a pressure on the shutters of the window in order to close them.  You have to float through the wall and look from the outside to do so.  You float outside the wall and catch a glimpse of the two sleeping women in the darkness.  Cecilias mass of red curls hangs down her head, and her captor's lithe pale body has slumped over Cecilia in protection.  Her strait dark brown hair falls forward and mixes with Cecilia's red.  So fragile, so beautiful.  The first blade of sunlight has barely touched inside the window.  You concentrate on the shutters, and cause them to move slightly.  You do have some power in this world.  A spirit, the vampire lady called you.  You look upon the couple once again.  Should you be a good spirit or a bad spirit?  Should you allow them to live or to die?  The choice is up to you....but you've got only a few minutes before the rising sun floods the room with its radiance.

By:  porphyra13

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