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Yes, a rave would be a good idea!  Why do you have this feeling you're being watched?  Your thoughts (are they really yours?) create the perfect dancefloor, complete with flashing lights and DJ booth.  rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!; What was that?  You feel suddenly empowered to create more nifty stuff for your house.  You put a hot tub in one room.  You fix a table for the caterer.  As you walk to the phone, a bubble-window of options appears around your head.  Call Caterer.  You speak to the caterer in a language that you hardly recognize, and now you're ready to invite your friends over.  Take a shower.  Suddenly you remember you haven't showered since....well since you can remember.  You take a quick shower and bring your hygiene score up to green.  Wait--hygiene score???  You don't quite feel in control anymore.  You automatically walk to the phone.  Throw party.  Why does everything you do seem so mechanical?  Is it possible that you have become part of an  elaborate computer simulation of real life and are being controlled by some mortal with a keyboard and mouse?  Nah, that's just silly.  Soon the doorbell rings, and you greet your first guest.  It's Cindy Lou Who.  Someone loaded Hot Date and now there's too many social options.  Do you shake her hand or greet her with a wave?  Why does this decision suddenly seem so important?

By:  Kitty Brew

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