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Actless Thespian

Walking from here to there in fields of shattered broken past she rose above it all and became one of a lower caste. She looked around to all of her freinds who encircled her stareing into her strangness. Some saw her as a birth defect, they were black and white and in the end as shallow as an undug hole; and the others who saw her as unique were in bright colors. One was uncertain he was grey he stepped up to her and something began happening to him the grey was melting and seperating black and white and it flowed down either side of his body to form two distinctly different puddles on the ground. He reached down and grabbed the two puddles of this strange gooey substance and handed them to her. She took the black in one hand, the white in the other and molded the two together to form a pyramid, handed it back to him but he wouldnt except it. He just shook his head laughed made some petty shot about her strange behavior and walked away and all the people who were in color suddenly changed to black and white and they all followed behind him and now she was all alone and began wandering around, confused, not really sure of what to do, but at least she accepted it.